Imports from our trip to North America

We came back with a suitcase full of a rather eclectic mixture of food, bought on our recent trip to North America. There are some things that one just cannot buy in the UK, and that are just done better in North America.

  • Peanut butter: this was my top priority purchase; peanut butter is just better in North America. I keep my jar of peanut butter hidden from my housemates because they do not understand how superior my imported peanut butter is to what we get over this side of the pond.
  • Kraft Dinner: now we do have a “mac and cheese” variant made by Kraft in the UK, but it’s not the same as the North America Kraft Dinner. Whenever I’m across the pond I get a few varieties and have a taste off – this time I got: three cheese; white cheese and extra cheesey.
  • Graham crackers: these are the key ingredient in S’mores, which are incredibly tasty.
  • Crystal Light: this low-calorie powdered beverage mix, which I’m not usually that bothered about but it does come in margarita, mojito and appletini flavours – I couldn’t resist!

As well as importing food our Canadian friend was kind enough to give me a devilled egg plate. We really don’t take devilled eggs seriously in the UK, and I’ve never seen a presentation plate for serving them! But I love hem and make them a couple of times a year, so this will be very useful indeed.

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