Steak and Slimming World chips – and some crispy kale chips too

I couldn’t resist a couple of steaks when I was shopping the other night. We like our beef, and not the fat, so we go for the good cuts – so a steak is a treat!

So I had Hubby put on some chips – Slimming World style, of course. And when I got home I threw a whole bag of kale in the oven to make some crispy kale chips.

For the steaks, the first and most important step was to cut off all visible fat. After that, the steaks only took a few minutes on the griddle (or, if you don’t have one, use a hot non-stick pan). We like ours medium rare, so cook them for more or less time to your taste.

Slimming World Syns: the steak, chips and kale chips are all Syn FREE on Extra Easy. You could have some salad on the side if you don’t think your kale chips are giving you enough Super Free.

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