A Slimming World lasagne, filled with squash and onion

This lasagne was inspired by the fact I had some squash that needed eating! I really fancied making it into lasagne filling, but the recipe I have for squash filled lasagne is full of butter – so I had to think of a way to add in a slimming-friendly way!

One layer of the lasagne filling was steamed and mashed squash and sweet potato. I think it has enough moisture so doesn’t need fat or milk added. You could add a wee bit stock if you thought it was a bit dry. I added a pinch of ground nutmeg and a little cracked black pepper.

The other lasagne layer was filled with onions: chopped; softened in a pan with Fry Light and water; dried rosemary and seasoning to taste; stock added to cover, and instant mash added to thicken a little.

The fillings were layered with lasagne sheets in a lasagne dish or similar.

Top layer of lasagne top tip: The slimming-friendly white or béchamel sauce replacement was a mixture of fat free fromage frais, fat free yoghurt and eggs. The mixture needs to be enough to cover the top layer of lasagne sheets.

Cheese topping replacement top tip:I topped all this with grated cheese – my allocation of Syns for the day! But if you wanted a wholly Syn free lasagne I’d recommend grilled bacon (with all visible fat removed before cooking) blitzed in a hand blender attachment or food processor until it becomes crumbs.

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