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Rosemary and chocolate: a match made in heaven (and Eating Out at the Bein Inn)

I had meant to post about our anniversary meal out at the Bein Inn at the end of July, but never did get the pics from Hubby. The main thing I’d wanted to post about was the fabulous dessert, which was … Continue reading

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Interesting preserves: lemoncello conserve and hot banana chutney

I had a wee pre-birthday road trip at the weekend and we ended up at Glamis Castle  in Angus, ancestral home to HM The Queen Mother. I had already had a wee peak at their website and, having been before, figured there … Continue reading

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A treat from the Western Isles: Charlie Barley’s

Black pudding is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s pretty popular in this household! It’s not so much that it’s an acquired taste, but I think the thought of it puts a lot of people off. Yup, it’s oatmeal … Continue reading

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Eating out: Pig’Halle, Perth

Pig’Halle in Perth gets the thumbs up from me: lovely food, reasonably priced, friendly staff and a great atmosphere. And there’s nothing quite like eating in a French restaurant that has actual French people running and working in it; Pig’Halle ticks … Continue reading

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Making use of store cupboard staples: tzatiki and hummus

As well as an improvised tiramisu I whipped up some dips the other night before heading out to a hafla in the village. Suggestions for what I could whip up from what we had in the house included tzatiki and  hummus – both … Continue reading

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A last minute tiramisu

When I asked for inspiration for what to do with a tub of mascarpone a friend suggested tiramisu. The recipe on inside the lid of the tub suggested the same! But it was all a bit last minute, so I … Continue reading

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An inspired salad with strips of courgette (and some cress too)

Mum got a bit inspired and put ribbons of courgette on top of our salad the other night, with some cress sprinkled on top. I thought it looked really pretty. The ribbons were made with a potato peeler, and she … Continue reading

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