Eating out: lunch at Caffe Canto

For a mid-week with a girl friend we ended up at Caffe Canto on George Street in Perth. We’re both on Slimming World (she’s just started) so we were both thinking low on Syns!

I went for the baked potato filled with their home-baked ham: a tasty and filling Syn free option. There was a dressed green salad on the side (count Syns for the dressing) and I opted for the salad of the day: a mixture of beetroot and nuts (count Syns for the nuts).

My lunch companion went for the smoked salmon salad, with dressing on the side. She skipped the dressing and only had a couple of the flat bread sticks on the side – but the rest was Syn free! It was beautifully presented too.

Good to know the High Street can do tasty, good-looking healthy food without piles of bread and cheese. And we always get great, friendly and speedy service at Caffe Canto.

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