Sampling some foodie treats in Auchterarder: Cocoa Mountain and Bilal Tandoori

The truly fabulous…

I discovered Cocoa Mountain in Durness a couple of years ago and – I’m not gonna lie – it changed my life a little. We stopped at Balnakeil on the recommendation of my cousin and until I thought one cup of hot chocolate was much the same as another. Well, I was wrong; Cocoa Mountain’s hot chocolate is something else. It has actual hot chocolate drizzled on top and everything. So when I discovered that Cocoa Mountain has opened in Auchterarder – a good couple hundred miles closer to home! – I was frantic with excitement.

I didn’t need an excuse to take my good friend out for a cuppa when we were in Auchterarder this weekend – we headed straight for the Mountain. Even with the fire alarm going off (a malfunction that they sorted out!) it was still the best hot chocolate ever. We both had the taster hot chocolate that comes with two chocolates on the side. Of course, two weren’t enough and I had to buy a wee box to take home with me… Anyway, I had the orange & geranium and strawberry & black pepper; both fabulous. The geranium was particularly delicious – it’s a flavour not often used (in anything!), but one that I love.

Cocoa Mountain is an absolute must if you are anywhere in the vicinity of Auchterarder.

Postscript: the chilli lemongrass truffle (white chocolate flavoured with chilli and lemongrass, rolled in coconut) is actually to die for; the white chocolatey gooiness just gets better as the flavours come through…

And the truly gluttonous…

The Bilal Tandoori (High Street, Auchterarder) was recommended for a takeout for dinner, and it was pretty good. It seems to be newly opened, and popular in the village – always a good sign.

We had the munchie box to share as a starter. It was pretty impressive! It had chips and everything, though I was only after the mixed pakora and chicken tikka. The latter were good, and the chips were a little superfluous. The kebab meat looked fine too, and made Hubby happy. randomly, there was a bit of breaded fish in the munchie box too – it was fine with some pakora sauce.

For my main I had a lamb passanda with a peshwari naan – my usual! Both were good and I particularly liked the sauce and spices with the passanda.

Everyone else seemed to enjoy their food too. Our mate had a chicken tikka, which ended up being a huge amount of food: half a chicken, salad, rice and a plain naan. And it looked superb.

Based on good food and friendly, speedy service, a thumbs up for Bilal Tandoori of Auchterarder.

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