Eating Out: Cafe Andaluz, Edinburgh

To celebrate a friend’s birthday we went out to eat at Cafe Andaluz in Edinburgh. Upon examine the menu I realised I had been there before, but to the Glasgow branch; the goat’s cheese and marmalade is an unforgettable menu item!

I have no idea how authentic the decor is, but I liked it! The place was buzzing (even early on a Thursday evening!) and had a good atmosphere. The service was good – friendly and speedy. And the food was excellent.

Tapas is a great way to eat. I love the fact you can order lots of wee dishes and taste lots of different things. Of course, all the small yummy dishes makes choosing impossible! I eventually settled on:
– the Spanish version of potato gratin: potatoes, garlic and cream
– garlic bread, but like a have never seen: a small, round loaf in four thick slices smothered with garlic butter
– a round of goat’s cheese, roasted, and smothered with marmalade
– salmon, which was probably the only dish I was a bit indifferent to!

And, when the bill came, considering how much we’d eaten, it was very good value indeed.

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