A sunshiny day BBQ with all the crisps, all the meats and a genius sausage sandwich

Believe it or not: the sun shines in Dundee. This past Saturday it shone alot, and it was warm and everything. It’s like our BBQ hosts planned it that way or something.

Overall: great BBQ, good company and muchos fun. My highlight was being force-fed by my two BBQ enablers, and in the process discovering the sausage sandwich of joy: pork and apple sausages, Applewood smoked cheese and Reggae Reggae ketchup on a bun. Bliss.

In addition to sausage sandwiches there was an alarming amounts of two food stuffs:

  • all the crisps: a necessary evil for munching while we struggled to light the BBQ and waited for it to heat up…
  • all the meats: nuff said. But it really was ALOT of meats. There were bags and bags of locally made sausages, burgers, lamb kebabs, vege kebabs, and countless packets of sausages and other meats from other not-so-local sources. Oh, and some Puddledub sausages from the glorious Kingdom.


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