The tale of the napkin holder, the moussaka and the cream cheese cream frosting

OK, first up we have to talk about the napkin holder. Sadly it is not mine – it belongs to my colleague who had us for dinner the other night. But she’s amazing. We reckoned 1970s. And she’s been repainted too, so extra special. I thought the flamenco-esque skirt added a little je n’est sais quois.

Secondly, I took along some Yellow Tail tree-free Chardonnay for the hostess. The name intrgiued me; I’m an  easy sell. It was good! Yellow Tail do good, reliable wine and a good price. And Chardonnay is a nice wine that is sometimes over powered by the oak aging. I do like the oakiness though, but good to know it exists without.

The main event was moussaka. Sam’s was great: lamb mince, aubergine, and a creamy cheesey sauce. Fab. I’ve not made moussaka in ages, but might use this recipe from the BBC if I do. Or, trying to make it Slimming World friendly, there’s a recipe on the Slimming World website. ALternatively, I was wondering if taking a lean lamb steak and mincing it yourself would work on Slimming World – worth investigating.

Dessert was huge chocolate cake made by our office mate. It had cream cheese frosting (the most delish ever) on top with raspberries, and the same frosting in the middle with raspberries crushed through. Wow: this woman can bake…

The secret to the frosting is cream as well as cream cheese. My issue with cream cheese frosting is it always goes runny – apparently the cream helps keep it thick. Like in this recipe from All Recipes.


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