A last minute tiramisu

When I asked for inspiration for what to do with a tub of mascarpone a friend suggested tiramisu. The recipe on inside the lid of the tub suggested the same! But it was all a bit last minute, so I had to improvise ingredients…

Normally you’d start with sponge fingers as the base, but all our local shop had to offer was a chocolate Swiss roll.

I didn’t have quite enough mascarpone, so I added in some Greek yoghurt (all I had in the fridge was fat free) to bulk it out.

And the only dark chocolate they had was Bournville, which was fine for these purposes.

1/2 a chocolate Swiss roll, cut in to 1cm slices
1 tbsp sweet sherry
1 shot of espresso coffee
250g mascarpone
3 heaped tbsp greek yoghurt
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
1/2 vanilla essence
1 square dark chocolate, grated

  • Start with a layer of sponge fingers in the bottom of your dish; I used a layer of 1cm thick slices of the chocolate Swiss roll
  • Drizzle with a very little sweet sherry and the coffee – make sure this is evenly distributed across the sponge
  • Top the sponge with the mascarpone mix
  • Top with the grated chocolate
  • Leave in the fridge while the flavours combine until ready to serve.
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