Interesting preserves: lemoncello conserve and hot banana chutney

I had a wee pre-birthday road trip at the weekend and we ended up at Glamis Castle  in Angus, ancestral home to HM The Queen Mother. I had already had a wee peak at their website and, having been before, figured there might be some foodie treats in the shop. There were lots of tasty looking treats! But I could resist some preserves, which are a bit of a frivolous passion of mine.

The hot banana chutney intrigues me! I have no idea what it might go well with – suggestions welcome. The internets seem to think it would go well with cheese or meats (chicken and ham were mentioned) and could be served hot or cold.
And Hubby and I both love lemoncello (or limoncello as we – and the Italians! – call it), so the conserve was an easy choice. We’re thinking this might be a bit like lemon curd or a lemony jelly – so it might be good as a dessert ingredient.

Feedback and tasting notes to follow…

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