Rosemary and chocolate: a match made in heaven (and Eating Out at the Bein Inn)

I had meant to post about our anniversary meal out at the Bein Inn at the end of July, but never did get the pics from Hubby. The main thing I’d wanted to post about was the fabulous dessert, which was a chocolate and rosemary mousse – an unusual combination! It was absolutely superb. I’m beginning to think that chocolate might, in fact, taste good with everything. Inspired by this delicious dessert I went hunting for chocolate and rosemary recipes and found this recipe for a cake with rosemary and chocolate in it. I’m still looking for a good mousse recipe…

As for the rest of our meal at The Famous Bein Inn, it was alright. If I’m honest, it wouldn’t have been as good if we hadn’t had a discount voucher. The food has potential; it attempts the complex flavours and presentation you’d expect for a restaurant of repute and the prices they charge. But it doesn’t quite hit the mark. It’s still pretty good – much better than our average country inn fare – but just not quite good enough in my opinion.

The other point I was going to make was that the service was good, right up until our waiter went home at 9pm – then the service lost momentum. We gave up waiting for our bill and went straight up to the bar. We were, thankfully, getting dessert when we were abandoned (I dread to think what happened to the two tables who were seated after us!). And I understand people work shifts. But it made the end of the meal a bit lacklustre, and could be avoided with a realistic, customer-focused rota.

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