A birthday dinner, including scallops and black pudding

My family excelled themselves with my birthday dinner:

Beetroot gazpacho
I love beetroot, and beetroot soup, and it makes a good gazpacho too. the recipe Mum made this from is in a South Carolina cook book, and has led my family to believe that beetroot gazpacho needs bell peppers (which I cant eat) as an ingredient. It doesn’t. I’ve never seen the recipe with bell peppers, though I’m sure it’s very nice. Here’s a recipe without.

Scallops and a warm salad with black pudding
Scallops and black pudding is the best concoction ever. Love it. Papa made a white wine reduction and served it up with a timbal of rice and sweet potato crisps. This recipe looks yum, and don’t forget to use Charles MacLeod of Stornaway black pudding!

Fresh straw, rasp and blue berries with Greek yoghurt and a surprising chocolate biscuit
The surprising chocolate biscuit had a chocolate base lurking underneath, which was a welcome treat.

Cheese and biscuits
Papa selected some awesome cheeses:
– a very strong and spicy sheep milk blue cheese
– a smooth goat’s milk cheese
a mature and crumbly cheddar

Pineapple upside down cake
I’ll talk more about Hubby’s fabulous cake in a later post…


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