Eating out: dinner at Hadrian’s

Before dinner at Hadrian’s at Balmoral we had a few cocktails in the Balmoral Bar. I had a vodka martini (made with Belvedere vodka and served with olives) followed by a Smokey Treacle (made with Angostura bitters, aromatic bitters, brown sugar, pressed apple juice and Bowmore 12-year old). The former was perfectly chilled and terribly boozy, and the latter was deliciously smooth, sweet and sour. We all thoroughly enjoyed our cocktails and the bar is a lovely venue.

Dinner was excellent. The service was very good and the restaurant was pleasant. The menu was thoroughly tempting.
I started with the chicken liver and fois grad parfait, with tarragon butter. It was utterly divine. I can be a bit funny about pâté but this was seriously smooth, and the tarragon butter was a genius addition.
I had the ribeye (rare) with Bernaise sauce. Tarragon again! A much underused herb, and one I love. And this Bernaise sauce was delicious. The steak was thin so rare was the way to have it! I also had a wee rocket, roasted tomato and Parmesan salad: simple and delicious.
Dessert was Scottish cheese, serve with fruit bread, chutney, and grapes & celery. The cheeses were all good, but the blue stood out. The fruit bread was a new one on me, but went well with the cheese.

We had three wines with dinner: Prosecco as an appetiser; a choice of red or white with dinner; and a sweet dessert wine at the end. A very good wine menu.

All in all, a lovely evening. And the menu was better value than I thought it would be, considering the excellent service and food.

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