Ragu, meatballs and moussaka: cooking ahead

It’s going to be a busy week this week, so I decided to cook a bunch of meals in advance and refrigerate and freeze them.

  • I started with a slow cooked vegetable ragu: onion, garlic, carrots, courgettes with canned tomatoes and lots of herbs.
  • Once it had cooked for a good 7 hours I decanted it to a pot and added: balsamic vinegar (to give the flavour depth) and cooked mushrooms.
  • I split the sauce in half and added Quorn mince to one half, and Quorn meatballs to the other. I added more spices etc to each sauce to taste.
  • Once the mince ragu had had a good time to mature, I spilt it in half: I added smoked paprika to one half to make a sauce for moussaka.

So to end up with, I had: a couple of really good portions of meatballs in sauce; a portion of regular ragu; and sauce for moussaka.

To make the moussaka I layered the sauce with layers of aubergine (which I had sliced and griddled earlier). Hopefully the moussaka will taste awesome after a couple of days marinating in the fridge.

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