Eating out: the Italian Corner, Perth

We managed to get a table at The Italian Corner for dinner the other week. It’s a nice wee restaurant with an authentic continental feel; there’s nothing quite like being greeted in Italian!

The food was excellent, but we were very disappointed by the service; not only was it slow, but the serving staff weren’t very apologetic about it. When we’d waited 45 minutes between sitting down and we’d still not got our starters, we did mention it to the staff and our first course miraculously appeared. But, thus far, we’d had no word on what was taking so long, nor an apology. And, to top it all, it wasn’t even that busy, so I can’t really see why our food took so long. Disappointing.

But, as I said, the food was excellent. I had the mixed fried seafood to start, and it was very good indeed. There’s nothing worse than bad white bait and calamari, and these were cooked to perfection. Though my dining mate did point out that whitebait tastes different in the UK than it does on the continent; it’s less crunchy, which I much prefer.

I had pasta with seafood and tomato sauce for my main, and it was excellent too – again, an easy one to over – or under – do.

And for dessert, Hubby and I both had the tiramisu, which was very good. The sponge seemed to be very cinnamony, which was different and quite nice.

We had the house white throughout the meal, which was cool, crisp and just what I needed (it had been a VERY long week).

We’ll probably give this restaurant another shot, because, overall, it was good – the food, wine and price were excellent. But the service just needs a bit of improvement.

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