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Eating out: Hotel Dreri

The food at our hotel in Albania (where we were on holiday last week) was absolutely fab! I’d have happily eaten there every day – we nearly did! The menu was quite Italian – both in terms of dishes included … Continue reading

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Breakfast at Wagamama

Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is a strange place for many reasons, but I won’t complain because it has a Wagamama! And turns out they do breakfast!! I had the okonominyaki: a Japanese-style omelette filled with chicken, bacon, prawns, leeks and mushrooms. … Continue reading

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Spooky cupcakes!

We had a fun afternoon decorating cupcakes this week! Thanks to Becca: the baker and hostess-with-the-mostest delicious icing recipe! It was lots of fun and an activity that anyone can join in. Hopefully these decorated cupcakes will give you some … Continue reading

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The local speciality in Kruje

While we were in the birthplace of Albania’s hero – George Kastrioti Skanderberg – we were treated to lunch with a view. Kruje is about 30 miles from Albania’s capital Tirana, nestled in the mountains. The local speciality is cooked … Continue reading

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Borek, lokum and actually-fresh fruit

Our first night in Albania we had dinner with the bride’s family and it was sensational. We knew the food would be good, and home cooked, but it was really really super. The bride’s sister, Mira, and cousin, Julie, outdid … Continue reading

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Tomorrow we’re off for a short break to Albania, and I’m pretty excited about eating when we get there

Our friends are celebrating their marriage in the bride’s home country of Albania, and we’re honoured to be invited. The other weekend we had a lovely dinner at the home of the Happy Couple, and we were served borek to … Continue reading

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Lemons and limes a’grating can mean only one thing: citrus liqueurs in the making

I came home this evening to the smell of grated citrus and knew that Hubby was starting the preparations for our winter liqueurs – specifically lemon and lime liqueurs called limoncello and verde limoncello. The lemons and limes and grated … Continue reading

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