Yet another not-so-useless gadget: a cherry/olive pitter

There has been a ban on buying gadgets for the past few months. After ceasing to use the banana guard (I went off bananas) and having NEVER used the cherry/olive pitter, Hubby refused to let me buy any more gadgets. So, easy solution: pit some olives.

I first found out that a cherry/olive pitter existed when I had a pitted cherry in a fruit salad. I thought our host must have spent HOURS pitting cherries – but she said she had a pitter. So Hubby bought me one. I said I’d buy cherries and pit them on a regular basis, making the purchase worthwhile. Of course, it didn’t happen.

But now I have pitted olives with the pitter! It’s a simple process: hold the pitter like a pair of tongs in one hand; place the olive or cherry in the pitter’s bowl; press the top pincer down on the olive or cherry, over the stone; push until the stone comes out through the hole in the bowl – et voila!

Fab gadget: easy to use; saves lots of time; etc etc.

That means the gadget purchasing ban is lifted, right?

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