Smokey tomato and basil stuffed pork fillets

I’m never sure what to do with pork chops – apart from grill them, which isn’t all that interesting. So I decided to stuff these, and we had some leftover salsa* that I reckoned would make a tasty stuffing.

I added half a tub of Quark to a bowl and mixed in lots of chopped basil and the leftover salsa. It looked a tasted fab!

I cut the fat off the pork, and beat eat chop (between two pieces of cling film, using a rolling pin) until it was 5mm thick – make sure not to beat a whole in the chop!

Then I added a good dollop of stuffing and rolled the chop into a cylinder. To keep the stuffed chop together I used our fabulous food loops.

I cooked the stuffed pork chops for 30 minutes, or until cooked through.

* Actually, it was Tesco’s butterbeans in tomato sauce, but there was only tomato sauce left. The smoked paprika made this a seriously tasty addition to the recipe.

Slimming World Syns: remember to count Syns for the salsa.

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