Lemons and limes a’grating can mean only one thing: citrus liqueurs in the making

I came home this evening to the smell of grated citrus and knew that Hubby was starting the preparations for our winter liqueurs – specifically lemon and lime liqueurs called limoncello and verde limoncello. The lemons and limes and grated and juiced, and the flavoursome product marinated in vodka for ten days or so – recipe and instructions in last year’s post. The next step is to strain the flavoured vodka and add sugar syrup, et voila.

Lemon flavour is most common in Italy, where limoncello hails from – but lime is terribly delicious. Red grapefruit also makes a great liqueur, which comes out pink! And, rather delightfully, can be called rose pompellocello (or words to that effect!)!

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