Borek, lokum and actually-fresh fruit

Our first night in Albania we had dinner with the bride’s family and it was sensational. We knew the food would be good, and home cooked, but it was really really super. The bride’s sister, Mira, and cousin, Julie, outdid themselves.

Before staring dinner we had a little raki (a spirit made from plums or grapes) and lokum (commonly known as Turkish Delight in the UK). The lokum was by far the best I’ve ever had; sweet, light and perfectly flavoured.

The soup to start was: carrot, veal, egg and lemon – a concoction I’d never have thought of! But it was light, fresh and delicious.

The main dishes included: lamb with okra and tomato; flavoursome and succulent boule beef; and stuffed tomatoes, peppers and aubergine. The rice stuffing was seasoned with cinnamon, dill and chilli – an inspired concoction.

Then I had my first borek of the trip, and it was marvellous! The filling was cheese and egg. The cheese was a fresh sheep’s cheese, made like crowdie – it was incredibly fresh and light. I also had a nibble of some young feta, which puts any I’ve had in the UK to shame.

Dessert was a traditional honey cake – the local honey is sensational and the cake contains corn meal. It’s one o my favourite dishes and tastes best eaten in Albania!

Lastly, we had some fresh fruit. Actually fresh! The pomegranate was so lovely. I’m not usually a huge fan, but this had been ripened on the tree and was very juicy and delicious. I also had a tangerine that tasted like nothing I’ve ever had! Again, it was picked when ripe and tasted like a tangerine should.

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