Eating out: Hotel Dreri

The food at our hotel in Albania (where we were on holiday last week) was absolutely fab! I’d have happily eaten there every day – we nearly did! The menu was quite Italian – both in terms of dishes included and the setup of the menu. Highlights included:

  • Caprese salad, made with fresh buffalo mozzarella
  • sautéed spinach with more fresh mozzarella
  • Chat Brian! The transliteration of Chateaubriand from French to Albanian to English!
  • cream of asparagus soup – so asparagussy and creamy
  • four cheese pasta. including a strong blue cheese (probably gorgonzola) and an Albanian cheese with chilli in
  • A delicious Albanian wine made near Berat at the Çobo vineyards
  • cream of spinach soup – I was loving the spinach on this trip
  • feta cheese, baked in a small oven dish with sliced tomatoes and olive oil
  • the fresh seafood, including fresh prawns and squid
  • SCANDAL! icecream – not only did it taste fabulously chocolatey, but it had the tagline ” My daily pleasure” and was described as a “chocolate orgy”!!
  • fresh pasta, including ravioli with cream and spinach and linguine with fresh prawns in a tomato sauce – divine

I’d recommend Hotel Dreri and its restaurant.

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