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A dinner party with friends and family: a trio of pate, gnocchi carbonara and meringues

We had a whole pile of lovely friends over for dinner last weekend, and had a very jolly evening. I really enjoyed the food – both the cooking and the eating. The menu was simple, but had lots of our favourite … Continue reading

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Foodie requests for Mum’s birthday dinner: scallops, prawns and meringues

This year, Mum got absolutely everything she asked for for her birthday dinner: scallops, prawns nad merignues. Lucky girl. — The recipe for scallops with hazelnut butter was taken from the BBC website. I love James Martin’s recipes. This one had a … Continue reading

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Eating Out: Mitchell’s, St Andrews

Dinner at Mitchell’s, St. Andrews, was excellent: Cullen Skink; surf and turf; followed by hot chocolate. Nice food, good service and pleasant surroundings (though it was a bit cold by the back door).

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Thanksgiving foodie delights: apple turkeys and mulled cider

Apple turkeys A fun craft for all the family! Take an apple. Use cocktail sticks to stick raisins, dried cranberries, popcorn and grapes to the turkey, giving the apple tail feathers, feet/legs, and a head. Mine even had eyes. Use … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: Maple roast turkey

Thanksgiving was slightly late – or early, depending on what way you look at it – due to number of scheduling conflicts. But the important thing was, we did it. I brined the turkey last year, but decided against all … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Sides: dressing

This dressing was simple: Mix 500g bread cubes with the spices (2 tsp sage, 2 tsp poultry seasoning, freshly cracked black pepper and salt) plus 5 eggs and 5 tbsp melted butter. Put in the slow cooker: cook on high … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving sides: Slow-Cooked Sweet Potato Casserole

Recipe taken from All Recipes. Ingredients 4 sweet potatoes – peeled, chopped, steamed or boiled, drained and mashed 1/4 cup butter, melted 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons light brown sugar 1 tablespoon orange juice 2 eggs, beaten 1/2 cup milk … Continue reading

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