Thanksgiving foodie delights: apple turkeys and mulled cider

Apple turkeys

A fun craft for all the family!

Take an apple. Use cocktail sticks to stick raisins, dried cranberries, popcorn and grapes to the turkey, giving the apple tail feathers, feet/legs, and a head. Mine even had eyes.

Use as table decorations for dinner.

Mulled cider

To help s get in a suitably festive mood we had mulled cider before dinner. It was an experiment,  for sure! It was best when mixed with 1/3 mulled apple juice, which I made for the drivers.

Mulling spices for both were: a lemon and ginger tea bag; a couple of cinnamon sticks; four cloves; and the peel from an orange (I squeezed the orange in to the cider and added the whole thing). I also added several glugs of brandy to the cider, though rum would have been infinitely better.

Note to improve the recipe: add rum; more spices (and perhaps mulling spice bags); add apple or orange juice added to the cider to sweeten it up.

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