Curry and roti

Roti and curryI came home on Friday night and found that Hubby had,very kindly, made a chicken curry in the slow cooker for the following night’s dinner. It looks a little watery in the pic, but it was tasty. I added a little smoked paprika and cinnamon before reheating it on the hob before we ate.

Anyway, I’m not a huge rice fan, so was trying to think what else we could have with out curry. And, after a decade or os, I decided to brave making roti. I fell in love with roti while on a youth exchange in Trinidad in 2000. Homemade is best, and I think I did OK for a first attempt. But I will persist…

So I found this recipe, and gave it a shot. It needed the resting time, and I didn’t give it that. I also think it needed a more generous doses of the oil/butter mixture.

Watch this space… Next time I might even be able to get it to buss up!

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