What to do with a rather large bottle of Baileys (apart from just drink it straight!)

Christmas morning gets off to a fine start with some fresh coffee with a healthy shot of Bailey’s. It’s the only way to get through the day! This year I bought some orange truffle Bailey’s – a new one to me. But it’s a big bottle, and it doesn’t stay good forever, so I was thinking up a few different ways to use it up over the Festive period. Cocktails seemed like a good start.

Boozy hot chocolate

Inspired by this recipe for White Ape I added a healthy shot of Bailey’s to hot chocolate, sprinkled in a little cinnamon, and whisked. Because I didn’t use cream, I used more hot chocolate than Bailey’s, making it a bit more palatable.

Orgasm #7

This was another recipe found online. I happened to have some Cointreau lying around too, so this recipe was a good way to use up both bottles. I thought it was a bit strong, so added a larger proportion of Bailey’s.

1 1/2  oz Bailey’s® Irish  cream
1 1/2  oz Cointreau® orange  liqueur

Pour both ingredients over cracked ice in an old-fashioned glass, and serve.

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