Christmas Day dinner was worth all the prepping

20121225-191150.jpgThe turkey, all bacon-ed up, ready for the oven. He was a rambunctious chap, and tried to make a break for it when one of his legs sprang free and began burning against the side of the oven – fun times!



Sides in the oven (clockwise from top left): a trio of stuffings; potato logs; roast potatoes.





20121225-191203.jpgThe turkey came out looking stunning. The size of the bird (8.4 kg) meant he was a pleasure to carve. We served on one breast nad leg, and will use the rest for planned overs later in the week.






More food! From the left: leg meat sausage meat stuffing (meat from Joe’s Sausages, seasoned with all the herbs, and would have been ideal for stuffing balls); potato logs; cranberry sauce (the regular stuff out of the jar, with added orange juice, orange zest and port).

20121225-191237.jpgThe trio of stuffing and roasters went down a treat.





Mum has finally found a use for all the lace and crochet doilies she has collected/inherited! They were great as placemats and looked really pretty on the Festive table.

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