The night before Christmas is all about the prep

20121225-061046.jpgThe new fridge has had its legs stretched this week! It’s been chokka block full. About a third of the fridge is full of food prepped for Christmas Day itself, including:

  • peeled sprouts and carrots, ready to be steamed
  • parboiled tatties, ready to be roasted
  • chipolatas, a trio of stuffings and sausage meat stuffing, ready to be popped in the oven
  • potato logs and roast vegetable soup, made by one of our guests, ready to be cooked up as an accompaniment and starter* respectively
  • cranberry sauce, gravy and bread sauce, all ready to be heated and served as needed

All this prep makes Christmas Day jsut a wee bit more relaxing, what with all the present-opening, drinkies drinking, and so on!

* After the soup made it to the bowl I sprinkled a little fresh parsley and a few strand of lemon zest on top. We also offered guests a wedge of lemon to squeeze over their soup. These wee touches really jazz up the soup and make it a bit special.

20121225-061058.jpgThe turkey was a 8.4kg monster, but it was intended to feed six regular humans plus my wee brother! It was either a turkey to serve 15-18 people (as this one was) or 7-10, which just wasn’t big enough.






20121225-061113.jpgThe menu. There’s nothing like too many sides!


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