A Slimming World breakfast

Slimming World breakfast cookingWell, since the New Year my blog stats have soared – in no small part due to lots of people looking for Slimming World recipes! It’s that time of year to be thinking about eating healthily and dropping a few lbs after the Festive season. A big Sunday fry-up is one of my favourite meals – to cook and to eat – and it doesn’t have to be laden with calories. The keys to my Slimming World breakfast are:

  • Joe’s sausages: a fry-up isn’t a fry-up without sausages, and these are Syn FREE.
  • Fry Light: great for getting the mushrooms (sliced and cooked with a little Worcestershire sauce) and tomatoes (cooked with a little balsamic vinegar)started cooking.

Slimming World breakfast served upA fry-up also needs:

  • Bacon: don’t forget the cut of fat! I usually cut off the bottom portion altogether, trim the fat and keep the wee bits for adding to other dishes, like a ragu sauce or something.
  • Eggs: srambled are my favourite. You don’t need butter to make scrambled eggs – just use Fry Light to stop the egg sticking to the pan and add a little salt and pepper to the beaten eggs. Cook the scrambled eggs slowly for a particularly delicious flavour. Also, I swear by free range eggs!

Slimming World Syns: this meal is Syn FREE.

Remember to count Syns for: any condiments; milk in your tea or coffee; toast or other bread product you might add on the side; butter or milk added to your eggs.

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One Response to A Slimming World breakfast

  1. Yep thats all good for me… not a slimmer but got a wife who is so great advice thanks!

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