Eating out: the Bothy

This was the first time I’d eaten at the Bothy, Perth, though I’d been for drinks on plenty of occasions (at their Famous Grouse Bar). I’ve also eaten at some of the other restaurants in the same corporation (like Mitchell’s), and enjoyed them thoroughly, so expectations were high.

Everything was good: the service was fine; the interior is nice; the menu looked like it had potential; and the wine list was promising.

I was disappointed there weren’t any mussels, and opted for the crab and avocado crostini to start. It was fine, but a bit bland. The crab/avocado came in a wee pot, separate from the corstini, and there was a red sauce i wasn’t sure what to do with. But it was fine. However, the rest of the starters looked tasty.

I had smoked haddock fishcakes as my main, which were very tasty. It came with a very good coleslaw salad  – a fusion of the two. It didn’t come with any carbs, and I had to get chips on the side.

The dessert I chose was a very nice creme brulee with delicious shortbread. It claimed to be a Bailey’s creme brulee, though I couldn’t taste any hint of it. But it was very good.

The wine we had was very nice, though they kept bringing the wrong one (and I didn’t notice til it was too late the second time…). Actually, we had a few issues when ordering drinks (forgotten orders etc). But aside from that the service was cheery and efficient.

After dinner we stayed for a few drinks and had a chance to sample more of the excellent cocktail menu. I had a Rusty Bellini, which was rather fun: peach puree; Drambuie; topped with sparkling wine. It was excellent to see the waitress make up the drink, which had the wine layered on top of the Drambuie on top of the peach – very clever!

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3 Responses to Eating out: the Bothy

  1. Em,
    Where is the Bothy? West End Glasgow I guess?
    Best regards,

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