More Slimming World pizza

Turkey steak for Slimming World pizzaApparently it was International Pizza Week last week, or something. No need for an excuse in this house, so I made pizza for dinner on Friday – Slimming World pizza, of course!

This time I used turkey steaks, instead of  chicken breast – it worked just as well, and it’s easy to get turkey at this time of year.

I topped the cooked breast steak (see recipe for instruction about battering and cooking) with passata with basil in lieu of a tomato sauce. Toppings included: chopped red onion; sliced mushrooms; spinach; ham; and rocket.

Slimming World pizzaI used regular mozzarella (grated) rather than pre-grated pizza mozzarella, which seemed to have more calories and fat. Remember to count Syns for all the cheese you use – and you need less than you think you do!

Slimming World Syns: this recipe is Syn FREE, apart from the cheese. You get about 28g cheese as your Healthy Extra (and depending on the cheese), or count the Syns.

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