Eating out: Vita, Perth

Just before Christmas, we had dinner at Vita in Perth with friends and were pleased with this new venue. It’s very central, the interior is fresh and trendy and the food and drinks menus look great.

The menu had plenty to choose from.
Hubby and I had one of their sharing platters to start with, and we were surprised at how big it was! It would have been ideal for four, but we made short shrift of it! It included: wee burgers; haggis balls; delicious meatballs; breads; and dipping vinegar & oil.
For our main we both had the magnificent Highland burger: a burger topped with haggis, cheese and an egg. It was immense, and extremely good.

The service was OK: mostly good, bad in parts, but they redeemed themselves. We ordered wine, which didn’t arrive – when we pointed this out we were comped a couple of glasses.
After we’d had our coffee we felt the service disappeared somewhat – we were left to our own devices for a good 45 minutes before we had to ask for the bill. We weren’t complaining about not being rushed! But it was an opportunity for the staff to ask if we wanted to order more drinks, which we would have.

I think the continuity of service is something they can work on! And, having visited again for drinks later in the week, I hope they can do so soon.
The cocktail menu looked superb, and the staff seemed enthusiastic and knowledgeable about it. And we were excited to try it. We weren’t disappointed – the cocktails were delicious and innovative.
The service in the bar area was fine until other customers started to arrive: from then on, we had to physically go up to staff to place an order – no service was forthcoming. Our last round of drinks took 15 minutes to arrive, and we’d only ordered a pint and a vodka & coke. I realise that, by this point in the evening, the bar and restaurant were getting busy. But having customers wait that long for their order shows bad management of the bar rather than anything else.

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