Another Slimming World pancake recipe: cous cous pancakes

Well, I finally got around to trying this cous cous pancake recipe and it worked a treat. They were like what I’d call drop scones or Scotch pancakes, so I had mine with butter spread on top.


  • I used slightly less egg than the recipe called for (two would do)
  • once you’ve added the egg make sure you stir before dropping the mixture in the pan (the cous cous will sink!)
  • use a ladle to spoon dollops of the mixture in to the hot frying pan
  • don’t lose your cool and try to flip the pancake before it’s ready – wait until you can shake them free from the pan before flipping, or they will break up

Toppings? How about sliced banana and a drizzle of honey (count the Syns), or freshly squeezed lemon juice and sweetener.


Slimming World Syns: these pancakes are Syn FREE. Don’t forget to top up with Super Free foods!

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