Dinner for two: Steak Rossini, and other dishes

Steaks cookingHaving had Steak Rossini a few months ago when out for lunch in Glasgow I’ve been meaning to try a recipe out for Hubby; I reckoned he’d love the steak-pate-crouton thing! I used this BBC recipe.

Firstly, I undercooked the steaks – I always do, as there is nothing worse. They were good fillet steaks, and they were like butter when we ate them.

As for the sauce, it was all pretty fiddly, and I’m never very confident about reducing liquids. But it was totally worth it!

The crouton was made from brioche, and was utterly Steak Rossinidelicious. However, it was a bit delicate, so next time I might stick with regular bread.

The pate was a chunky farmhouse variety, with mushrooms – a perfect mix.

The spinach seemed like an odd mix, but it was fab! The flavours really worked with the steak, pate and crouton. Next time I will do as suggested and serve it in the steak tower.



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