It’s been a while… Let’s make meatloaf

I’ve been offline and eating without a care for some months. I was busy doing this if you’re interested. But a New Year has inspired me to make the most of my happiness and (relatively!) good health, to start eating right again – and loose some pounds.

I noticed such a difference loosing weight last time – in my mobility and my fitness. And I’m certainly noticing every pound (about 30 of them) I’ve put on in the last year.

I’m not quite brave enough to face a Slimming World class yet – I want to loose a little weight myself first. And starting to blog again will be a positive step – it really helped me focus last time too.

I thought a good way to kick off would be a favourite recipe of ours: meatloaf. With some stuffed mushrooms (suggested by Hubby!)and some seriously fun pasta.

Thanks to the 93,000 of you who did read my blog while I was absent – I hope more great recipes and food will be forthcoming in 2014.

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