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Eating out: Philly cheesesteak and an Italian hoagie

Our second airport of the day was Philadelphia. While we were there we were intent on trying a Philly cheesesteak. Earlier in the week we had met a Philadelphian who had heartily recommended both the Philly cheesesteak and a hoagie. We … Continue reading

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Homemade garlic bread

Homemade garlic bread is so easy, and tasty, that it seems crazy not to do it yourself. I have blogged about making my own garlic bread before, but this time I remembered to take pictures. There’s not alot to say … Continue reading

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Wotsits and mayo sandwich: don’t knock it before you try it…

The benchmark for how miserable I’m feeling is the consumption of my ultimate comfort food: a Wotsits and mayonaise sandwich. This past week I have been feeling pretty rough, and it’s about the only thing that’ll cheer me up! White … Continue reading

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A pretty good pretzel

There’s not much to say about this pretzel, except that it was pretty good. Not as good as fresh pretzels bought from a street vendor in Berlin or Krakow. But pretty good. Oh, and purchased from Tesco – that surprised me!

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Pizza pie: the epic journey had a momumental end

So, the night before making up the pizzas I did lots of prep: made dough, sauce and sausage; sliced the mozzarella and grated the grana padano. I meant that the assembly was pretty simple. The dough had risen more than I … Continue reading

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Pizza pie: the beginning of an epic journey

Many, many thanks to Mr Steve Blackburn for suggesting this epic recipe, having seen me tweet about making pizza the other week. I blogged about the recipe recently, but was so inspired I had to make it this weekend!!! It. … Continue reading

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Baked goods from the Dundee continental market

This week the Continental Market in Dundee proved too hard to resist, and Hubby brought home some olive bread and a mincemeat slice. The bread was very fine, toasted and drizzled with olive oil.

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