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Balsamic vinegar musings

I do think that spending money on balsamic vinegar is worth it. I normally use balsamic in salad dressing, meaning you get the full flavour of the vinegar; therefore I usually get a mid-range* bottle – at least – to get a better flavour. … Continue reading

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You can take the girl out of Scotland…

… but you can’t take Scotland out of the girl: Keiller’s marmalade anyone? We’re staying with Hubby’s aunt in South Carolina for a few days and we’re amused to see a wee bit of home from home on the breakfast … Continue reading

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Lots and lots of leftovers, including sushi, smoked salmon and Exquisa potaotes

What to do with leftovers? Aside from eat them, of course. In a desperate attempt to use up the leftovers from Easter weekend, some days after I began ploughing through the mysterious tubs in the fridge. For breakfast: cherry toms … Continue reading

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Reggae Reggae sauce and eggs on a roll

I can’t believe I’ve never had Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae sauce before. I really can’t, becuase it is awesome. The one I bought this time was the jerk/BBQ variety, but there are others and I will try them. I have one of … Continue reading

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More hot sauce than you can shake a stick at

If you’re a fan of hot sauce, surely this collection is what you aspire to!?! I’m certainly in awe of the owner’s taste buds. And I made me wonder: am I failing to give hot sauce a fighting chance in … Continue reading

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