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More BBQ, a whole lot of corn, some interesting goat’s cheese and cheesecake

You know you have a genuinely good friend when she lets you stay in her home and invite other people over for dinner! A childhood friend lives an hour or so from our Canadian base in London, and it was … Continue reading

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Buckwheat cake with rhubarb and ginger

One of our weekend guests left us with a piece of delicious cake, which we had as an afternoon snack with a cuppa. The cake mix was made with buckwheat – a gluten-free alternative. In the cake was yummy rhubarb and ginger – nimnim! … Continue reading

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Dairy free chocolate (and Easter eggs too!) from Moo Free

I’m pretty easily amused, and a cow behind bars as your logo will amuse me if you’re a dairy free chocolate producer! Moo Free caught my eye because they do dairy free chocolates, and Easter eggs – and my god-daughter and … Continue reading

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Low carb chocolate pecan torte

I was having some friends round for a cuppa and decided to use this as an excuse to make a low carb cake, as one of said friends is on a low carb diet (and doing very well on it … Continue reading

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Gluten free tattie scones

This weekend we found ourselves with some leftover mashed potato and decided to make some tattie scones. Husband decided they should be gluten free, so we made the with rice flour. Tattie scones are a simple recipe – mashed potato … Continue reading

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Something different with tofu

Tofu. Doesn’t really get the heart racing, does it? I love the stuff. It’s versatile and (relatively) healthy. It’s also Syn free on Extra Easy with Slimming World. My favourite variation on tofu is smoked tofu. The brand I buy … Continue reading

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Recipes #50 and #51 Gluten-free fairy cakes and brownies

I had a little help with these two recipes – Tyler (my niece) is Celiac and was staying for the weekend. We did little but cook – we are both easily amused. Fairy cakes Wow – did these work!? It was … Continue reading

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