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A quiona salad

A good friend treated me to lunch one day, and made a yummy quinoa salad. Quinoa is a seed (a grass seed, to be precise) rather than a cereal, making it a great gluten-free alternative to couscous and bulgar wheat. … Continue reading

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A dinner party with friends and family: a trio of pate, gnocchi carbonara and meringues

We had a whole pile of lovely friends over for dinner last weekend, and had a very jolly evening. I really enjoyed the food – both the cooking and the eating. The menu was simple, but had lots of our favourite … Continue reading

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An inspired salad with strips of courgette (and some cress too)

Mum got a bit inspired and put ribbons of courgette on top of our salad the other night, with some cress sprinkled on top. I thought it looked really pretty. The ribbons were made with a potato peeler, and she … Continue reading

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Eating out: grilled chicken Cobb salad at Friday’s

On our way home from our North America trip we did little else in the airports apart from eat. First up: lunch at Friday’s at Reagan National Airport, Washington DC. I’m interested that TGI Friday’s is called “Friday’s” in the US; … Continue reading

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More BBQ, a whole lot of corn, some interesting goat’s cheese and cheesecake

You know you have a genuinely good friend when she lets you stay in her home and invite other people over for dinner! A childhood friend lives an hour or so from our Canadian base in London, and it was … Continue reading

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Eating Out: a formal dinner at the Holiday Inn, Alexandria VA

Dinner outside in 100 degreeF is never going to be fun at the best of times, not matter how good the food (and the food was good!). We were eating outside because our hotel (providing both conference facilities and accommodation) … Continue reading

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Chicken, avocado and black bean salad

What with the time difference, lunch at the airport was actually dinner time! I sent Hubby off to get “a salad or something” and he came back with a winner: chicken, avocado and black beam salad. Something a little different … Continue reading

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