A selection of recipes I’ve posted…


Wholemeal bagels | New egg poachers | Dealing with cheap peaches | Mushroom omelette | Breakfast roulade | Festive French toast and fruit salad | Eggy bread ham and cheese sandwich | Panettone eggy bread | Gluten free tattie scones | Eggs and wurst for breakfast | Strawberries, grapes, melon and orange: fruit salad | One pot: potatoes, shallots, sausages, tomatoes and eggs | My own breakfast, and finding a quick and easy hollandaise recipe that works | Slimming World cooked breakfast


Warm goat’s cheese, walnut and pear salad | French Onion soup | The Antipasti Festa | Devilled mushrooms | Grilled scallops with fresh black truffle brown butter vinaigrette | Port and Stilton Pâté | Goat’s cheese tarts with black oil | Buffalo hot wings and blue cheese dip | Recipe #55 Special beetroot soup | Thai crab cakes | How to cheat at soup | Stuffed mushrooms | Slimming World pakoras


Haitian roast chicken with two stuffings | Jamaican Pot Roast | Cottage pies in baked potatoes | Crunchy no-fish pie | Spinach and filo pie | Spicy lamb chops with pomegranate and feta tabouleh | Dry spiced chicken | Lamb Stew | The Antipasti Festa | Recipe #26 Sticky lemon chicken | Recipe #27 Asparagus and pesto risotto | Recipe #28 Thai beef stir-fry | Recipe #30 Lemony lamb chops | Recipe #31 Crispy duck | Recipe #33 Roasted chicken with black truffle | Recipe #38 Lamb caponata topped with crispy potatoes | Recipe #39 Lamb shanks | Recipe # 41 Burger with mozzarella and courgette fries | Recipe #49 Pot roast chicken | Recipe #58 Mediterranean lamb tray bake | Recipe #59 Stuffed pork wrapped in bacon | Farfalle Zebra | Bean pie | Cauliflower Macaroni Cheese | Lasagne | Something different with tofu | Not too sure about tuna | The Best Spanish omelette | Ratatouille: outside | Ramen noodle soup | Chilli non Carne | Crabby courgette pasta | One pot chicken with tarragon | Stroganoff | Chilli lasagne | The Turkey Saga pt 1 | The Turkey Saga pt 2 | The Turkey Saga pt 3 | Pasta with tomato and porcini | Turkey leftovers – Thai green curry | Chicken bhuna | Lamb rogan josh | Omelette with green beans | Slow cooked chicken and tarragon | Creamy pasta with mushrooms and parsley | Finishing touches to choc chilli beef | Midweek stew – done | Ragu, slow cooked (and soon to become lasagne) | First time making meat loaf | Throw-it-in-the-pot ragu | Slimming World cheese and onion pie | Leftover chilli + moving house = lazy tacos | The wok, a stir fry and cooking on gas


Banana cheesecake | Recipe #9 Soy chocolate oranges | Recipe #15 Baked figs with honey | Recipe #18 Orange tarts | Recipe #35 Flourless chocolate and pear cake | Recipe #54 Spiced egg custard | Recipe #56 Cardamom and vanilla pannacottas | Attempts at sugar-free meringue | Dirk’s devilish dessert | Basil berry soufflé omelette | Fat free low calorie jelly that tastes good | This year’s pumpkin pie | Dessert recipes from Rob | Strawberries and squirty cream (pure class!) | Old favourites: fruit compote | A Slimming World girls night in (and cleaning the family silver) | Slimming World chocolate mousse | Gü: gooey, and chocolatey and yummy | ‘M right or imma wrang? Meringues and cream


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