Slimming World Recipes

Breakfast roulade | Festive French toast and fruit salad | Sausages and HP sauce | My own breakfast, and finding a quick and easy hollandaise recipe that works | Slimming World cooked breakfast | Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon | A Slimming World fry up | A healthy breakfast: spinach, eggs and bacon

Special beetroot soup |  Cauliflower and herb soup | Fennel and orange soup | Watercress soup | Leek and tattie soup: a favourite, and (of course) Slimming World friendly | What to do with a whole heap of mint: pea and mint soup |

Canapés pt 1 | Canapés pt 3 – devilled eggs | Canapés pt 4 – dips and crudites | Canapés – a selection of nibbles | Canapés  – mini frittatas | Prawn with lemon and dill | Smoked salmon pate | Ham and pineapple: Slimming World Syn FREE snack | No cook kale chips: A Slimming World friendly snack

Thai crab cakes | Stuffed mushrooms | Risotto stuffed mushroom | Tomato, bacon and garlic stuffed mushrooms | Slimming World pakoras | Prawn cocktail Homemade samosas and hara chutney

Eastern omelette with beef and tomato | Omelette with green beans | Mushroom omelette | How to flip a Spanish omelette | Spring green omelette |

Mains: pork
Stuffed pork wrapped in bacon | Mushroom stuffed pork | Gammon and chips | Pork tenderloin fillet: mushroom-stuffed and bacon-wrapped | Smokey tomato and basil stuffed pork fillets |

Mains: chicken
Slow cooked chicken and tarragonMidweek stew – chicken, leek and beansChicken and haricot stew | Chicken marinating in citrus and garlic: a Slimming World friendly recipe | Slow cooked whole chicken | Slow cooked chicken | Lemon and fennel slow cooked chicken | Slimming World fried chicken | Roast chicken |A Slimming World spiced chicken stew | A Slimming World roast chicken and stuffing | A Slimming World roast chicken dinner | A mid-week stew: chicken with beans and celery | Chicken roasted in a bag, with roasted garlic, shallots and mini new potatoes

Mains: seafood
Not too sure about tuna | Chish and fips | Seafood and leek pie | Prawn chowder: Happy Birthday Papa! | Weekend lunch: tuna baked potato and salad |

Mains: beef
First time making meat loaf | New favourites – meat loaf and potato logs | Mid-week stew – beef and root vege | Beef stew and garlic mash pie | Midweek stew: sun-dried tomatoes and beef casserole | Steak dinner | A slow cooked beef and fennel stew (and some olives added at the end) | Marrow, stuffed with yummy leftover beef stew | Throw-it-in-the-pot ragu | Steak rub | Ghost chillis used to spice up chilli |

Mains: lamb
Herby stuffed lamb | Spicy lamb stew |

Mains: vege
Something different with tofu | Smoked tofu. Well, it’s more intersting than regular tofu… | Chilli non Carne | Free courgette fritters | More courgette frittersBaked gnocchi | Slimming World cheese and onion pie | More Slimming World cheese and onion pie | Slimming World mushroom risotto | Bean pie | A ratatouille for a girl’s weekend away | Ratatouille: outside | Stroganoff | A Slimming World girls night in (and cleaning the family silver) | Ragu, slow cooked (and soon to become lasagne) | More ways with Slimming World chips: one pot chips, mushrooms, tomatoes and eggs

More mains
Ramen noodle soup | BBQ in September? | Picnic dinner | Slimming World pancakes and fillings| The wok, a stir fry and cooking on gas | Baked tatties, beans and bacon Sushi | Slimming World pizza and a low calorie potato salad | More Slimming World pizza

Cauliflower Macaroni Cheese | Lasagne | Marshall’s Cheesy Macaroni | Cannelloni | Leek, bacon and mushroom pasta | Creamy pasta with mushrooms and parsley | Cauliflower macaroni | Quick pasta – crab and courgettes | Smokey bacon and tomato pasta | Prawn, asparagus and lemon pasta | Paprika mushroom pasta | Lasagne: putting it together and cooking | Slimming World lasagne: made yesterday and cooked tonight | King prawns and pasta | Creamy pasta sauce with bacon, green beans and cherry tomatoes | Meatballs and fusilli with a vegetabley tomato sauce | Mother’s meatloaf | A Slimming World lasagne, filled with squash and onion | Penne arrabbiata: angry pasta!

Attack of the lettuce! | Ways with salad: lettuce, sweetcorn, grapes, cherry tomatoes | Ways with salad: melon, grapes and ham

Curried potatoes | Slimmed down potato gratin | Slow roasted tomatoes | Slimming World Chips | Slimming World roast potatoes | Paprika roast potatoes Slimming World style | Caraway  beetroot | Balsamic marinated onions | Tomato and banana stuffing | Random Recipes – Quick Grill Fries | New favourites – meat loaf and potato logs |

Banana cheesecake | Spiced egg custard | Cardamom and vanilla pannacottas | Attempts at sugar-free meringue | Basil berry soufflé omelette | Fat free low calorie jelly that tastes good | Strawberries and squirty cream (pure class!) | Slimming World pancakes and fillings | A Slimming World girls night in (and cleaning the family silver) | Slimming World chocolate mousse | Strawberries, grapes, melon and orange: fruit salad | Lemon syllabub | Orange cake (claiming to be Spanish) | Recipes to try out: cous cous pancakes | A Slimming World girls night in (and cleaning the family silver) |

Slimming World scones


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  1. Marion Bettie says:

    Great help thanku I hope to join slimming world next week , Marion

  2. Marion Bettie says:

    Love slimming world have lost over a stone so far :-)))

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  4. Wonderful help thnx so much Em !

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