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Thanksgiving foodie delights: apple turkeys and mulled cider

Apple turkeys A fun craft for all the family! Take an apple. Use cocktail sticks to stick raisins, dried cranberries, popcorn and grapes to the turkey, giving the apple tail feathers, feet/legs, and a head. Mine even had eyes. Use … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: Maple roast turkey

Thanksgiving was slightly late – or early, depending on what way you look at it – due to number of scheduling conflicts. But the important thing was, we did it. I brined the turkey last year, but decided against all … Continue reading

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Cairn o Mohr cider

Our house guests brought us a bottle of Cairn o Mohr cider this weekend. none of us had ever tried it before, so we were eager to give it a taste! It was a fruity, crisp cider. I was intrigued to … Continue reading

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