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Foodie requests for Mum’s birthday dinner: scallops, prawns and meringues

This year, Mum got absolutely everything she asked for for┬áher birthday┬ádinner: scallops, prawns nad merignues. Lucky girl. — The recipe for scallops with hazelnut butter was taken from the BBC website. I love James Martin’s recipes. This one had a … Continue reading

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Ways with basil: garlicky bruschetta and lime, prawn and basil pasta

The smell of fresh basil has been tempting me for days! There is nothing quite like it. I’d bought the pack of basil to have some to go on top of a pizza, and have been looking forward to thinking … Continue reading

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Uncle Peter’s famous gumbo

This gumbo is always one of the highlights of any trip to see my aunt and uncle! Glad this time I actually took the recipe, though it’ll never taste as good at home… — Serves 9 as a main meal … Continue reading

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Sushi takeout for lunch (and it was better than one might have thought!)

Well, after a wonderful trip to Canada with our lovely friends, including some fabulous food and seeing some great sights, it was time to depart. We went via Niagara, of course – a sight to be seen! It really is … Continue reading

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More interesting things people feed me, including cream of carrot soup, spicy filo prawns and breaded turkey

I was away for work this week and had the opportunity to eat some good food in fairly unique circumstances. Delights included: cream of carrot soup – first time, loved it. Carrots and cream are both awesome and even better … Continue reading

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Dinner on a common theme: prawns, vegetables and pasta

Sauteed vegetables: Onion and garlic. Courgette. Add fresh king prawns, and cook until just cooked through. Add a few handfuls of spinach and cook until wilted. Pasta: fusilli, cooked. Add to vege. Creamy sauce: mix an egg and a couple … Continue reading

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Dinner for 12: soup, pasta, venison and lemon mousse

My uncle celebrated his 70th birthday this week, so Papa through him a dinner party. 12 was a bit of a squeeze around the table, but the food was great and the wine plentiful, and that’s what counts! Papa was … Continue reading

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